Zak Davis

Zak Davis is a writer, director and producer and native of Portland, Oregon where he currently lives with his wife and kids. A co-founder of Juliet Zulu, Zak has been the studio's Creative Director since its inception in 2009 and in 2016 became the company's Chief Executive Officer. Zak's experience as a creative director and copywriter have always pushed his directed content to connect deeper with an audience by creating emotional connections between brands and customers through shared values. A believer that form follows function in storytelling and visuals, Zak's work often utilizes editorial methods and aesthetics to tell fictional stories. Specializing in long format branded content but with a passion for simple one takes. Most recently, Zak is the least technically savvy director creating 360/VR content. He has directed content across the USA, throughout Europe, in Japan, Cuba and Iceland. He believes that his journey as a filmmaker has just begun. 


A/VEC Interview 2016

Oregon Lens 2014

FWA 2013


Co-Directed with Everett Nate Yockey


CO-directed with austin will