Summer Retreat '13


For 5 days in July, “It Ain’t Me, Babe” was the anthem. No cell phones, no internet and no work. We closed the office and set out for the Pacific frontier, that solitary cabin on the Umpqua. We were content to simply watch the river swell and recede, glistening emerald and silver in the summer sun. It was pick-up soccer games. Impromptu diving contests. Incredible meals. And friends.

In our off time, co-workers are just called “friends.” They’re people we trust to drag us behind a motor boat, mix a good cocktail or swim across a river with us. It’s amazing, because JZ has exploded with growth this year. The cabin was packed—even spilling out into tents on the grass—with people who, in many cases, had just met. Fast friends, all of them.

Juliet Zulu