Jayson bosteder

Jayson is a director, cinematographer, editor and producer with extensive experience in all aspects of the filmmaking process. As a co-founder of Juliet Zulu, Jayson's award winning sports cinematography and editing style combined with his passion for new technologies in 3D and VFX drove JZ's strong work in the sports marketing category. Jay's passion for long form documentary work has taken him and the JZ team across the globe to tell unique stories that can elevate human experiences through the power of his voice. 

Jay likens filmmaking to cooking:

Cooking a meal for friends and family can be one of the most creative and enjoyable experiences. A flavor palate considering texture, seasoning and temperature are envisioned. Ingredients are sought, picked and purchased. The pairings and playlists are set. The meal usually takes a quarter of the time to consume from what it took to prepare but it is the experience that is lasting, the invitation for thoughts and ideas to be exchanged. Some of the best moments we have are to know others and be known.