Juliet Zulu

Today is November 25, 2015. The time in Portland is 9:01 PM

Umpqua Bank gave JZ a gift. When we began strategizing a simple campaign for the Umpqua Private Bank division, we were excited. And after spending time with the Umpqua marketing team, we realized that we shared a set of values. Umpqua didn’t need or want a blatant marketing campaign. They didn’t need it, because the Private Bank division only caters to perhaps .000001% of the population. They didn’t want it because it cheapens what we found to be some of the most thoughtful, helpful and genuine people in banking. So, how do we “not” market to the elite division of The World’s Greatest Bank? We focused on those shared values. And this is when we realized we were given a gift.

When we met Steve Smith of Steven Smith Teamaker, plenty of us in the agency were already fans. How could you not be? It’s wonderful tea. Wonderful packaging. Conscientious and transparent business practices. Success based on quality, care of detail and relationship. Generally, a willingness to go above and beyond. Why? Because that is how things ought to be done. It became very apparent that Mr. Smith authentically shared a set of values with Umpqua Private Bank. It is easy to get in the bad habit of producing for no reason. Running a business with no ethic. Or paying too much attention to the bottom line. Our time spent with Mr. Smith and the people at Umpqua has made JZ turn inward, dig into our own ethic, figure out how to produce work the way it ought to be done. The conversation is ongoing. The gift keeps on giving.