Juliet Zulu

Today is November 28, 2015. The time in Portland is 6:46 AM

When Greg Hennes of Antler and Co. (the fine purveyor and creator of Campfire Cologne) approached us to help market his newest creation, he walked into our office and lit a neat bundle of herbs. Ivan commented that it smelled like Bosnia after the war (he knows, he was there). However, we quickly found a certain tranquility had descended upon us. It was as if we had been transported to a quieter, more transcendent plane. And at the cost of sounding like a bunch of hippies our minds had been freed from the confines of this earthly prison. So we left for Mecca Flats in Eastern Oregon. A place famous for confronting ones demons. Or, in our case, sending our production team, favorite stylists, a horse head, a pregnant suite and a Filipino-man-playing-an-Indian to make a commercial.

After the Flats, we borrowed an empty office building and adjacent parking garage for the remainder of the shoot, which went extremely smoothly until our team realized we had been accidentally locked inside the parking garage, along with a street sweeper still in his street sweeping truck. Sadly, there was no phone service due to the impenetrable amount of concrete above, below and on all sides. Greg Hennes (featured in this particular film with gems in his beard) dumbfounded our entire team by manually lifting the massive gate with his bare, post-Toyota-sage-session, hands. It was incredible. Just another testament to the true power of the Sacred Sage.

Jokes about sage aside. It was really fun working with Greg. We lit a ton of sage. Generally, it was a sage fest. If you don't have time to pop into your local Urban Outfitters, make sure to visit www.campfire-cologne.com and order yourself a green box full of sage for $15.00. It's a steal and just in time for Sagemas.

All images on this page were captured and processed with VSCO CAM for iPHONE.